CHHS Public Debate with Profs. James Ladyman, Jane Macnaughton and Martin Willis

The CHHS public debate, ‘Science, Humanities and Health: Collaboration across Disciplines and Approaches’ took place on 10/06/19.

The debate brought together three renowned scholars, who have worked collaboratively across humanities and science disciplines, to discuss their research. The topics debated included; what are the barriers to such collaborations and can they be overcome? How can a shared language be created? Are the disciplinary differences always a hindrance? Professors Macnaughton, Willis and Ladyman discussed whether and how is it possible to overcome disciplinary barriers and methodological differences and work fruitfully across humanities and the sciences.

Chair: Dr Julian Baggini

Speakers: Professor Jane Macnaughton (Durham), Professor James Ladyman (Bristol) and Professor Martin Willis (Cardiff)

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